As the old saying goes,  “Time flies when you’re having fun!”  Well, the time has flown by in the blink of an eye.  Believe it or not, the Jeanes family arrived in Princeton in August of 2008.  Now in 2016, we just celebrated our 8th Easter together, as priest and people of Trinity Church.  It has been an exhilarating time of growth, ministry, life, and vitality.  Just to name a few of our accomplishments: The Turkey Trot, One Table Café, new ministry partnerships with GAIA, Cristosal, and Urban Promise, expanded Christian formation opportunities, renewed and strengthened pastoral care ministry, the addition of a 5pm Sunday “come as you are” Holy Eucharist, and a successful capital campaign resulting in a beautiful renovated Pierce-Bishop Hall and sanctuary, and I’m sure that I’ve forgotten some things! 
But, now the time has come for rest, reflection, and renewal.  In a few weeks, I will begin a season of sabbatical and will be away from Trinity from May through August.

This term comes from the word "sabbath," and means seven or seventh. It means a period of rest and an intermission in labor. A sabbatical year is the seventh year. It is a time when persons are relieved from their duties for study and travel.(Dictionary for the Episcopal Church)

My last Sunday will be April 24th.  A week later, I will join a good friend and priest on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land where we will study at St. George’s College for an 8 day program, “The Palestine of Jesus.”  I will return for a month of study and quiet reflection until the children have finished the school year, and then we will share in some much, much needed family time.  The highlight of which will be a family trip from Rome to Canterbury.  (More details will be forth coming.)

As this season approaches, I invite you to enter into the “sabbath” time, as well.  I invite you, my friends, my sisters and brothers in Christ, into a season of rest, reflection, and renewal.  What has God been doing in our lives?  What is God doing in our lives?  What is God now calling us to do?

We are incredibly blessed to have the Reverend Nancy Hagner as our Associate Rector. I enter this time with the confidence and assurance that Trinity is in Nancy’s wise, capable, and loving hands.  She will be assisted by Joanne Epply-Schmidt, Allan King, and others.  Please hold Nancy and all of our staff in your prayers during this time. 

In the weeks ahead, Nancy and I will share with you more of “what’s in store” during this time.  So, get ready!  We are about to enter a most exciting season, a season of Sabbath rest, reflection, and renewal. I can’t wait to see what God has in store for us.
Sabbath Blessings,