Retreat: Cultivating the Seeds of Contemplative Prayer through the Arts

This retreat will involve participants in various contemplative practices with Trinity parishioners as leaders. Breathing/Yoga (Holly Westergren), Art (Maureen McCormick), Music (Suzanne Dicker), Silence/Guided Meditation (Connie Leyden), Movement (Cheryl Whitney).

Comments from the previous retreat: "A beautiful continuity from breathing to moving to giving peace to music listening to icon understanding, a true, profound worship experience." "Exploring personal expression in prayer and ministering to myself in the expression." "An opportunity to bypass words and express faith physically."

In the Christian context, to "contemplate" is to cultivate the seeds of receptivity to God -- to open not just one's mind, but one's whole heart and soul to His presence. God's light is always shining; we are so entangled in weeds we don't often see it. With the help of contemplative practices, we can begin removing our weeds and planting our seeds. By observing silence and drawing on the arts -- we will let our seeds take root and rejoice as they grow toward the light.

Please register by October 8th. Any questions, phone Suzanne Dicker at 609-712-1191.

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October 5
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