Sewing Day

If you can do basic machine sewing or if you can sew by hand, here's an opportunity to take part in a church-wide Lenten project. On Saturday, February 18th, we will be sewing beautiful tote bags for clients at Womanspace in Lawrenceville. During the first two weeks of Lent, parishioners will be asked to donate items for individuals at the time they "graduate" from Womanspace. The tote bags will be filled with these items and then blessed, to be received by women who have suffered domestic violence and sexual assault and gone through a rehabilitation program at Womanspace. The items will include toiletries and also things that might remind someone to take care of themselves. A specific list of items will be forthcoming.

Here's a link for details on the type of tote bag we'll be making.

You may stay for an hour or two or bring a sandwich and keep sewing into the afternoon! For questions, please contact Suzanne Dicker at 609-712-1191.


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