Morning Prayer is offered every weekday morning at 7:45am in the Saint Michael Chapel. Please join us for this traditional Anglican discipline of beginning every day with prayer and contemplation of scripture.

Morning prayer can be a truly life-changing experience of giving God the time and the space to speak to us, and to guide us in our daily lives.

The service generally concludes a little past 8 o’clock.

In sundry times and places, daybreak has been a time of prayer. Jews prayed in their synagogues at sunrise, as well as at other times each day. This Jewish pattern of prayer is the foundation for the Christian monastic Daily Office, with its seven appointed hours of prayer. Thomas Cranmer's revision of the Daily Office for the first English Prayer Book in 1549 reduced the number of services to two — one for morning, called Matins, and one for evening, called Evensong or vespers. In the Second English Prayer Book in 1552, the morning service was given its present name, Morning Prayer. Morning Prayer was once the chief Sunday service in most Anglican churches on three out of four Sundays, the First Sunday usually being a celebration of Holy Communion. This practice has waned as the eucharist has regained its place as the “principal act of Christian worship on the Lord’s Day” in most parishes. However, Morning Prayer is nevertheless clearly designated as a daily service for the worship of the church. This usage reflects ancient tradition and modern practice.

Adapted from an An Episcopal Dictionary of the Church