One Table Volunteers


We had a wonderful One Table Café in January and February featuring both the Rev. William Carter III in January and Sarah Steward the COO of HomeFront in February.

One Table Café couldn’t take place without the help of volunteers. February marked the 70th dinner in our eight year history and our volunteers and staff have performed miracles serving over 8,500 meals.

We are also indebted to the 24 Princeton restaurants that have provided food. We tip our hats to all of them and thank them for their generosity.

It takes a lot of Trinity volunteers and staff to make this ministry a success and we are blessed to have the Rev. Paul Jeanes as our leader and as our inspiration for making One Table Café such a popular community restaurant.

If you want to sign up to be a volunteer please email:

One Table Café is on the third Friday of the month.  




Set-up Team

Alison Roth, Sally Marucca, Kim and Brianna Lee, Lisa Schmid

Trinity Staff Helpers

Br. Chris McNabb, Enrico Santos Ramirez, Roberto Melgoza ,Hannah Johnson, Elly Matsil 

Kitchen & Server Crew, Cleanup Crew, Greeters & Reservation Volunteers

Rev. Paul Jeanes, Rev. Louise Kingston, Martha Lashbrook, Ann Zultner,  Connie White, Wendy Heiser, Yvonne DeCarolis, Tracey Knerr, Ruth Thorton,  Ira Lackey, Melissa Scott, Janet Moore, Bill Vogt, Tom Scott, Carlos Brecknell, Leslie Brecknell, Betsy Hoover, Fred Kelly, Katie Hawn, Marco Ramirez, P.A. Tippett, Alix Gerry,  Ed and Regina Hoag, Diane Paulsell, Guy Pierson, Joan Reilly, Heidi Currier, Lynne and Van Davis, Julie Denny, Phil Unetic, Eric and Ellie Chesebrough, Robbie Ellsworth, Dan Haughton, Debbie Minch. We are also thankful to the Girl Scout Troops that helped out at our January dinner.