C-Change Forum

Sunday, March 31 at 9am
in Pierce-Bishop Hall


The Trinity Environmental Shepherds invites all Trinity parishioners and interested guests to attend the 9am Forum on Sunday, March 31 in Pierce-Bishop Hall on the topic of Climate Change. Fellow parishioner, Kathleen Biggins, has been traveling across the United States to deliver this primer, as described below on their website:

“The C-Change Primer is a non-partisan, multi-media seminar on the science of climate change.  We developed the 45-minute presentation in consultation with scientists, business leaders, and public policy experts working on climate change. 

The Primer has been widely hailed as an intelligent, dispassionate introduction to climate change.  Our team travels the country presenting the Primer to community groups, business organizations, planning associations and to any one interested in a fair and balanced approach to the issue. We aim to create an environment where people feel encouraged and safe to ask questions about climate change.”