Education for Ministry Open House


Tuesday, May 7 at 7–9:30 pm
in Trinity Parlor

  • Are you interested in joining a close knit faith community?  

  • Do you seek companionship on your spiritual journey? 

  • Do you long to explore your faith more deeply?  Discover connections between scripture, our faith tradition, and your daily life?  

  • Do you seek support in identifying and carrying out your vocation, ministry, and purpose in life?

  • Are you grappling with life’s “big” questions? Are you a seeker?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, we encourage you to join us Tuesday evening, May 7, to sample an Education for Ministry (EfM) seminar and consider if it might be right for you.  

EfM is a program designed to support Christian lay people in carrying out their ministries in daily life. EfM aims to provide participants with a theological education that focuses on learning to think theologically, understanding our Christian heritage, deepening our faith, and developing a Christian community. By examining our own beliefs and their relationship to our culture and the tradition of our Christian faith, we can learn what it means to be effective ministers in the world. 

While this is a four-year program, participants commit to it just one year at a time.  Participants devote their first year to exploring the Hebrew Scriptures. Subsequent years concentrate on the New Testament and church history, and conclude with contemporary theological thinking and issues. We are a small covenant group, limited in size to twelve participants and two trained co-mentors. There is no such thing as knowing too much or too little to participate. At Trinity Church, EfM is led by Julia Garry and Richard Del Monaco. Next year, we will meet Tuesday evenings from September through May. For more information about EfM at Trinity, contact Julia Garry (609-902-1388) or Richard Del Monaco. (609-240-6018).

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