Children’s Liturgy, Egg Baskets, and Flower Crosses

Holy Saturday, April 20, is the date of our traditional Easter Egg Hunt. This year, we will be adding three additional elements to this festive occasion.

  1. First, the Altar and Flower Guilds at Trinity have procured a cross for us to bedeck with flowers in preparation for Easter! We will have some blooms available at the church, but if you have flowers or ornamental greens from your own garden that you would like to contribute, please bring those to the church on Holy Saturday (or Easter morning).

  2. Second, starting at 3 p.m., Rev. Paul and Rev. Joanne will hold a brief liturgy for families inside the church. This liturgy will precede the Egg Hunt.

  3. During the liturgy, Rev. Paul and Rev. Joanne would be delighted to bless family Easter Baskets.

You and your family are invited to bring an Easter Basket of your own filled with traditional foods of Easter to be blessed by the clergy for you to serve at your Easter feast. This is an ancient tradition that we are pleased to bring in to the contemporary life of Trinity Church.

Below is a list of some of the traditional foods and their meaning. Bring all, bring some, or bring foods that are of special meaning to you and your family. It will be our honor and joy to bless your Easter basket.

  • Butter, often shaped into a lamb, reminding us of the goodness of Christ toward all things.

  • Easter Bread: A round rye loaf topped with a cross, symbolic of Jesus, the Bread of Life. 

  • Horseradish : Symbolic of the Passion of Christ, but sweetened with some sugar in honor of the


  • Eggs symbolize new life and Christ's Resurrection from the Tomb.

  • Kielbasa / Sausage: A symbol of Paschal Lamb 

  • Ham: Symbolic of great joy and abundance. 

  • Salt and Pepper, because Jesus said, "You are the salt of the earth." 

  • Cheese: Shaped into a ball, as a sign of the moderation Christians should have in all things.

  • Water: After the blessing of the basket this water may used to bless the home, family, and used in

    religious rituals throughout the year.

  • candle, to represent Christ, Light of the World. 

  • colorful ribbon and sometimes sprigs of greenery are attached to symbolize our joy in Christ.

    The linen cover is placed over the top, a symbol of the linens that were removed from the body of Christ at the Resurrection. 

When the clergy dismiss us from the liturgy, we will gather on the Stockton lawn to hunt eggs! It’s going to be fantastic.