Forming Christians Workshop

Finding God in the Creative Process


May 4 from 9am–3pm
at Trinity Church, Princeton
$20, including lunch

Join us for a day of celebrating our Christian identity, learning, prayer, and making new friends. Guest speakers — including Bishop Chip Stokes — will lead workshops to help both lay people and clergy to develop their ministries and to grow as disciples of Jesus

Plenary Session


Finding God in the Creative Process

The Rev. Sonia Waters,
Princeton Theological Seminary

The Rev. Sonia Waters will be our plenary speaker. Sonia is assistant professor of pastoral theology at Princeton Theological Seminary. She received her BA in literature with a minor in gender studies from Wheaton College, her MDiv with honors from The General Seminary of The Episcopal Church, and her PhD in pastoral theology from Princeton Theological Seminary. She is an Episcopal priest with ten years experience in parish ministry and prior experience in feminist advocacy work.




8am–9am — Registration and fellowship
9am–9:30am — Worship
9:30am–10:30am — Plenary session with The Rev. Sonia Waters on Finding God in the Creative Process
10:30am–11:30pm — Breakout Session Nº 1

11:30am–12:30pm — Lunch
12:30pm–1:30pm — Breakout Session Nº 2
1:30pm–2:30pm — Breakout Session Nº 3
2:30pm–3pm — Worship



How Do I Know How God Is Calling Me? 

(The Rt. Rev. William H. Stokes)

Tools and Techniques for Leading Adult Interactive Formation 

(Bonnie Bivins, leader) Discussing how to engage the audience before the formation begins; assessing audience ahead of time and doing flexible planning; who might be there and what do they already know?; and practical considerations like seating arrangements, differences in delivery methods, creating open discussions and planning for results, utilizing techniques for difficult situations.

What Question(s) Are You Dying to Ask about the Church, God, and Christianity? 

A panel of lay people, priests, religious, and deacons will be on hand to engage the questions. Moderated by the Rev. D. Scott Russell, Episcopal Chaplain at Rutgers.

Strengthening your Congregation as a School of Discipleship 

(The Rt. Rev. William H. Stokes)

What Is a Disciple of Jesus Christ and What Has That Got to Do with Me?

(The Rev. Canon Dr. Rob Droste) The words “disciple” and “discipleship” can be challenging for Episcopalians. We’ll spend time talking seriously (and not so seriously) about the blessings that are there for us when we’re willing to engage the anxieties and fears surrounding this very important language.


(The Rev. Barbara Briggs & the Rev. Lee Powers, leaders): Confused about Confirmation? Should I push my teenager to get Confirmed? Wondering if it could be a more meaningful experience? These are some of the questions we will explore in our discussion session. We will be sharing some past experiences and what we have learned from them, as well as some good insights we have received from scholars and pastors who have been addressing this sacrament with the hopes of helping people find the way to make Confirmation a powerful moment in a person’s faith journey. Please come and share your experience and hopes with everyone present.

Gerry’s Gems 

(Gerry Welch, leader) Offering YouTube, podcast, and app resources for Christian formation.

What To Do When Sunday School Isn’t Working

Ideas for Non-Traditional Formation (Anne Delgado, leader): Ideas for alternative, non-classroom, formation programs, including intergenerational, hybrid models, and faith-at-home.

Sunday School for the Small Congregation with Limited Resources 

(Susan Stokes, leader)  

Youth Formation 

An open conversation with our Diocesan Youth Convener Tonya Wildgoose: “I enjoy the ministry of sharing the good news with our middle and high school students and partnering with them as they discover who they are in Christ.”

Contemplative Prayer Practices 
(anyone can do it)

(The Rev. Steve Connor)

Bible Drama 

(The Rev. Barbara Briggs, leader) Introduction to group Ignatian contemplation--a way of praying with Scripture using your imagination, with each individual, Scripture, and others’ interpretations held in creative tension. Instruction followed by group participation. (Limited to 12 participants)