Elaine Pagels & Wallace Best: Why Religion?

Monday, April 29 at 6pm
at Labyrinth Books

122 Nassau Street,
Princeton, NJ 08542

All events are free and open to the public.

Why is religion still around in the twenty-first century? Why do so many still believe? And how do various traditions still shape the way people experience everything from sexuality to politics, whether they are religious or not? In Why Religion? Elaine Pagels looks to her own life to help address these questions. She will talk about her new book with fellow scholar of religion, Wallace Best.

Elaine Pagels is a preeminent academic whose impressive scholarship has earned her international respect. A Professor of Religion at Princeton University, Pagels is the author of The Gnostic GospelsBeyond Belief, and Revelations, among other influential works. 

Wallace Best is Professor of Religion and of African American Studies at Princeton University. He is the author of Passionately Human, No Less Divine: Religion and Culture in Black Chicago, 1915-1952, and of Langstons Salvation: American Religion and the Bard of Harlem.