First Sunday Breakfast: Urban Promise

Sunday, May 5
from 9am to 10am
in Pierce-Bishop Hall

Please join us for a Hot & Healthy Complimentary Breakfast

Guest Speakers

  • Melissa Mantz Executive Director, Urban Promise Trenton

  • Doug Fitzgerald, Chairman, Board of Directors, Urban Promise Trenton

The heart of Urban Promise Trenton is our AfterSchool programs. We believe that every child has a seed of greatness, and by providing a child with a safe and supportive environment that seed can grow and thrive. We know these children can become responsible young adults who make meaningful contributions to their families, peers, and community. Students attending our AfterSchool programs enjoy a healthy snack, have opportunity to play and exercise, and receive help with their homework. High school students and adult volunteers help students with every subject. We also have a dedicated reading time built into each day to help students read better. Our closing program has a spiritual component to end the day on a positive note!