Do you believe all this stuff?

Dear Friends,

Perhaps there has been a time when someone asked you, “Do you really believe all that stuff?” (God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, the Bible, etc.)  People who don’t “believe” often wonder why it is that we do believe, and also what is it, exactly, that we believe.  Recently, I have been re-reading Tokens of Trust by Rowan Williams. In the first chapter, Williams addresses “belief.”  He does so by reframing the question and concept of belief, and asking, rather, in what or whom do you put your “trust.”  To believe in God is to put our trust in God.  To believe goes well beyond believing “this” or “that” about the historical Jesus, but instead calls us to the depth of our hearts and souls and where we place our trust.  To believe in all that stuff — is really “saying that we can trust the maker of heaven and earth precisely because he is the maker of heaven and earth.” (p.11)

Believing things about Jesus is not the same as putting one’s trust in Jesus.  For the reality is that people “believe” all kinds of different things about Jesus that can be debated and disputed until the end of time, but the real question is not what do I believe, but in whom do I put my trust.  With whom can I trust my soul, my sin, my dreams, my disappointments, my fears, my utterly true and vulnerable self — I believe that one is Jesus! 

In Christ,