I recently finished reading Educated: Memoir, by Tara Westover. A disturbing and yet inspiring true story of a young woman who grew up in a survivalist family in rural Idaho. She miraculously finds liberation with admission to BYU, then to Harvard, and ultimately to Cambridge for a Ph.D. During her first lecture at Cambridge, the professor spoke of Isaiah Berlin.

"So what are Isaiah Berlin's two concepts?” the lecturer asked.  Nearly everyone raised a hand.

"Negative liberty,” [a student answered], “is the freedom from external obstacles or constraints. An individual is free in the sense if they’re not physically prevented from taking action.”

“Very good,” the lecturer said. “And the second?”

“Positive liberty,” another student said, “is freedom from internal constraints."  

I took a picture of this page and sent it to Sophia, JP, and Luke. "Please read! What is preventing you from being who and what you truly want to be, truly can be?"  

I offer this to you with the question, “What is preventing you, me, us/we - as the people of Trinity Church, from truly and completely living into God’s call for us - both as individuals and as a community of believers?”

What external and internal constraints are limiting our liberty and freedom to truly follow Jesus? The Gospel of Jesus Christ is one of liberation, true freedom.  The Gospel calls us to break down the constraints both external and internal that imprison humanity and prevent us from living more fully into God’s call, God’s dream for us, for all!



The Rev. Paul Jeanes III