The Human Condition

Dear sisters and brothers,


While at the shore, I re-read one of my favorites, The Human Conditionby Fr. Thomas Keating. He begins with the question, “Where are you? This is one of the great questions of all time. It is the focus of the first half of the spiritual journey.”  He goes on to say, “Where am I in relation to God, to myself, and to others? These are the basic questions of human life. As soon as we answer honestly, we have begun the spiritual search for God, which is also the search for ourselves.  God is asking us to face the reality of the human condition.”

The second question he presents is, “Who are you? This is the great question of the second half of the spiritual journey.” I believe that we often lose ourselves and exchange the truth of who we are for a “role” that we play.  In contemplation of this second question, we are to empty ourselves of our false manufactured “roles” and allow ourselves to be “full of God.” It is only in God, fully and completely, when we will truly embody our true selves and know who we truly are – those who are unconditionally loved.

I invite you in the days and weeks ahead, as perhaps, you head out for summer adventures to use this time to find out “where you are” and “who you are.” Find those spiritual landmarks that help give you direction.  Find those relationships that orient, sustain, and nourish you. Take time for prayer and contemplation.  Take off the “role” you play, empty yourself of unrealistic expectations, anxieties, and your need for control.  Give yourself time to know and experience that where you are and who you are is held intimately and eternally in the unconditional love of God.

Blessings on the way,


The Rev. Paul Jeanes III