Back to School

back to school trinity.png

Well, it’s that time of year again. Time to go back to school.  The time for reading, writing, and arithmetic. Teachers and students ready themselves for another year of learning, challenge, exploration, and growth. 

I must admit that when I look at the course offerings from which my children have to select, I’m a little jealous – there are so many amazing subjects to choose from. It is a truly unique season of life when one’s primary “job” is simply to learn, to explore, to grow. The older I get, the more I realize just how much I don’t know and the limits of what I think I do know.

In the days ahead, students put on their backpacks and head back to school. I want to remind all of us that we are still and always will be students of life and students of the faith. There is more to learn for ALL of us. No matter how much we know or how much we “think” we know.

As we enter our new program year, I am challenging myself to take more seriously my priestly call to be an intentional “student” of the faith. That is a disciple. A disciple is a student or follower of a mentor or teacher. We are disciples of Jesus Christ. We are called to continually be about the practice of learning and growing in our faith.  As a priest, I can often get lost and distracted by the duties of church work. I can all too easily neglect to sit at the feet of the Lord in prayer and study because there is always “work to be done.”

As we enter this new year, I challenge you to be a true disciple of the Lord, a student of the faith. What does the Lord want to teach you? What do you need to learn?  Where to do you need to be challenged? What aspect of faith do you need to explore more deeply?

So, it’s that time of year again. Time to go back to school. The time for reading, writing, arithmetic, and ... JESUS!  It’s time to learn. 

I’m excited. I hope you are too!!



The Rev. Paul Jeanes III