Trinity Choirs Are Open to You!

choirs of trinity church 2.png

It’s almost September and the season is about to begin. Labor Day weekend is upon us — the last gasp of summer vacation time. Schools start, others launch their own September vacations.

But have you signed up for the Trinity Choirs yet?

All are invited to be a part of the singing. Much fun, laughter, great community, and glorious music. We hope you will give it a try! There is always room for people interested in singing.


Choral Singing for All Ages

— ABC Choir —

ABC Choir for children second grade and younger. Trinity Staff Singer, Annie Bryson, is Director. This choir rehearses Thursdays from 4:45–5:30pm, mid September through early May. Choristers and their families are welcome to attend Choir Supper in Pierce-Bishop Hall from from 5:35–6:10pm. This choir sings at the 10am service on the first Sunday of the month, October through May.

— Treble & Schola Choir —

Trebles & Schola Choir puts trebles, third grade and older, on the soprano line.

The Trebles rehearse Tuesdays & Thursdays (see schedule below). This Choir sings the 10pm service on the first and third Sundays of the month; and the 5pm service on the second, fourth and fifth Sundays.

The Schola consists of nineteen alto, tenor, and bass singers who are there to support the treble line, giving the Trebles the opportunity to sing very sophisticated music at a very high level. The Schola membership is made up of six Staff Singers as well as teenage boys who are going through voice change, as well as some choir parents. (All other adults sing in the Adult Choir.) The Schola Choir rehearses with the Trebles on Thursdays from 6:15–8pm. The Schola is also invited to Choir Supper in Pierce-Bishop Hall 5:35–6:10pm.


Tuesday —

3:30–4:30pm Study Hall available
4:30–6pm Trebles 3rd–8th grades
6:15–7:30pm Trebles 9th–12th grades

Thursday —

3:30–4:30 Study Hall available
4:30–5:30 Trebles 3rd–8th Grades
5:35–6:10 Choir Supper in Pierce-Bishop
6:15–7:30 Trebles & Schola
7:30–8:00 8th grade and older


— The Adult Choir —

The Adult Choir Is comprised of thirty-three adults who love to sing and who enjoy singing the magnificent repertoire of the Anglican Choral Tradition. It’s a fun group! The Adult Choir rehearses Wednesdays from 6:15–8pm. On Sundays, they sing at the 10am service on the second, fourth and fifth Sundays; and the 5pm service on the first and third Sundays.

Give it a try!