Blessing of the Backpacks


For some of us, the advent of a new school year is exciting. We hear West Side Story lyrics (“The air is hummin’ and somethin’ great is comin’… “) in our heads and tap dance to the bus stop. School shopping is the absolute best – bouquets of pencils delight us. We just can’t wait to organize our new assignment planners. For others, a new school year brings nothing but trepidation and an onslaught of anxious questions. Will I like my new teacher? What if my best friend isn’t in my class? What if I get a bad grade?... don’t make the varsity team?... 

No matter where your kids fall in this spectrum, they will most likely carry a backpack to and from school. These backpacks may be mostly empty or crammed full of books and papers. No matter how full they are of stuff, they will contain hopes, dreams, fears, and questions for each new season and each new day of this academic year. 

We would like to invite you to bring those backpacks to Trinity on September 8. Bring them empty or full. Invite a friend! Adults, if you’d like in on this, bring your briefcases, tote bags, or backpacks as well. The priests will bless the bags during the announcements in the middle of the service, to honor all the hopes, dreams, and fears that accompany the new school year, and to ask for God to strengthen, sustain, and encourage all our children as they learn and grow throughout the year. 

We have a small tag for you to attach to your bags as a reminder of God’s love for you and for everyone you meet as you go to and from school each day. There are color versions of these tags, pre-laminated, so you can attach them and go. Or if you’d like to decorate your own tag, please see Emily, who has black and white versions of the tag for you to color yourself. 

In addition, we are all ever-mindful of those in our midst who do not have enough money to buy school supplies, and who will not even have a backpack on the first day of school. We will be collecting school supplies to donate to Urban Promise. Suitable supplies include: a new backpack or lunchbox, packs of loose-leaf paper, No. 2 pencils, erasers, Ball Point pens, Highlighters, Composition Books, 1” or 2” Binders, and Folders. Please consider contributing something for a child in need. Collection boxes will be in the Narthex and at the Front Desk until September 15. 


Emily Pruszinski
Director of Family Ministries