Important Fire Safety Notice: Fire System Issues; Area & Activity Restrictions


Dear Trinity Family,

This week we experienced a serious malfunction of our fire protection system.  The main concern is that the alarms and warning lights alerting occupants of an emergency situation are not fully operational in all parts of our buildings.  This means that we can only occupy portions of our buildings until the issue is resolved.  Please read carefully the information below, as to the details of the current situation and how this will impact our daily operations and Sunday morning worship and programs. 

I would like to thank Hannah Johnson, Lily Leonard, and Mark Sullivan for their prompt attention to this troubling situation and for handling it in a most professional manner.

Thank you for your understanding, patience, and flexibility as we work through this issue. Please feel free to call me or the church office if you have any questions.

In Christ, 


The Rev. Paul Jeanes III

Details of the Current Building Issues & Fire Code Violations

The main panel for our fire protection system is not working correctly. It is no longer manufactured nor are spare parts readily available. Its electrical output is weak. When we have an alarm event — a pull station or the smoke detectors are activated — the panel is not strong enough to make the standard alarm bells ring. The smoke detectors, pull stations, and dispatch caller do function properly. There is however an auxiliary alarm noise that sounds in the Sanctuary and Pierce Hall side of the building. Because this alarm bell cannot be heard on the 2nd floor, the basement between the Nursery School and the Sanctuary, and in Ivy Hall, those areas cannot be occupied. The new part will take 3-6 weeks to be manufactured and installed. (Our current system is proprietary and if we change companies the panel and all fixtures will need to be replaced as well.)

Affected Activities

Church School, Children’s Chapel, & Nursery

The children’s class will be held in the small side of Pierce. Nursery will be held downstairs in room G15. Common Ground Café will be moved to the Kitchen Island and parishioners may sit in George Thomas if not in use.

Rummage Sale & Rummage collections

We will find out on Monday, if the Fire Marshall will allow the sale to be held on the first floor. Technically they cannot issue a permit for the sale if the fire panel is not functioning correctly which it will be the case until the panel is replaced.

While the Fire Marshall was here, she noted that Rummage donations cannot be left on the bench by the front desk because of the potential fire hazard and moreover because it is an egress corridor. Another way of collecting donations will have to be figured out. (We are not sure if donations may be left on bench by Pierce Bishop Hall.)

Nothing can be in the hallway downstairs including trash cans and carts. We received violations for both offenses from the Fire Marshall. Due to the inability to access the basement I’ve gone ahead and posted a sign to stop Rummage donations.

Choir & Icon Studio

Ivy Hall does not receive a signal if the alarm is tripped. The choir will need to rehearse in the Sanctuary and the Icon workshop will be in George Thomas. 

These are all the details we have at this time.
We will continue to update the parish as things change.