Rummage Collection Discontinued Until Further Notice

Thank you, dear Trinity Parishioners, for all your fantastic donations for our fall Rummage Sale!

As detailed by the Rev. Paul Jeanes in the letter about our current Fire System issues:

We will find out on Monday, if the Fire Marshall will allow the sale to be held on the first floor. Technically they cannot issue a permit for the sale if the fire panel is not functioning correctly which it will be the case until the panel is replaced.

While the Fire Marshall was here, she noted that Rummage donations cannot be left on the bench by the front desk because of the potential fire hazard and moreover because it is an egress corridor. Another way of collecting donations will have to be figured out. (We are not sure if donations may be left on bench by Pierce Bishop Hall.)

Nothing can be in the hallway downstairs including trash cans and carts. We received violations for both offenses from the Fire Marshall. Due to the inability to access the basement I’ve gone ahead and posted a sign to stop Rummage donations.

Your generosity has been over and beyond expectation and we thank you. Until we know more and can make appropriate plans, please hold your donations for the Spring sale.

If we’re able to hold the Fall sale, pending a decision by the Fire Marshall, we will still need volunteers! If you’d like to tentatively sign-up to help on Friday, October 25 & Saturday, October 26, please contact Margo Southerland at for more details.

Volunteers needed:

Set-up: October 23 - October 25, 9-3pm
Sales help: Friday, October 25, 4-7pm
Sales help: Saturday, October 26, 8:45am-12pm & 12-3pm
Saturday clean-up: Tables & fixtures take-down, 2pm