Environmental Shepherds’ Meeting

Sunday, February 24
after 10am Eucharist

Trinity Environmental Shepherds invites members of the parish to join us to provide input on our mission and, priorities and to help set the agenda going forward. We will meet in the Library.

Lord God of the Universe, in giving us dominion over things on Earth, you made us fellow workers in your creation: Give us wisdom and reverence so to use the resources of nature, that no one may suffer from our abuse of them, and that generations yet to come may continue to praise you for your bounty…
— Collect for the Conservation of Natural Resources, Book of Common Prayer

Friends’ Night Out Dates

Saturday, March 2, 5-8pm
Triumph Brewing Co.

Sunday, April 7, 5-8pm
Friday, May 10, 6-9pm
Saturday, June 8, 5-8pm

Childcare is provided in Trinity’s Nursery and Children’s Chapel!

We all need a break and time to spend with our spouses or friends. Trinity’s Friends’ Nights Out are a monthly opportunity for parents to relax without their little ones, whether at home or with other Trinity folks on the town at a prearranged location for drinks, food, and fellowship.

Parents’ Potluck Dates

Sunday, February 24 

Sunday, March 31 
Sunday April 28 
Sunday, May 19

All potlucks are held in Pierce-Bishop Hall and immediately follow the 10am Eucharist concluding at 1:30pm.

Childcare is provided!

Our Parents’ Potluck are a monthly opportunity for young families to share food and fellowship, to grow together in friendship and faith. Attendees are invited to bring a dish to share, while Trinity Church provides complimentary pizza. Our potlucks follow a program based in Presiding Bishop’s Michael Curry’s churchwide initiative The Way Of Love.


Confirmation Schedule

Bishop Stokes will be at Trinity on Sunday, March 24 at 5pm for confirmation.

Adults and parents of young people grades 5 and up who would like to be confirmed, received into the Episcopal Church, or make a reaffirmation of faith should contact the Rev. Dr. Kara Slade at sladek@trinityprinceton.org.

There will be an initial meeting for confirmands and parents on Sunday, February 3 at 3 PM in Pierce-Bishop Hall. Confirmation classes will not interfere with Sunday afternoon choir rehearsals.

2019 Hunger Fund Collection


What a great year for the Trinity Hunger Fund. When Trinity Outreach was first setting up goals for the year 2018, we wanted to be fully aware that the generous members of Trinity Church had broken the record Hunger Fund Year in 2017. Elly Matsil just forwarded to us the year end results and it was another amazing year. First, a word about the Trinity Hunger Fund which has a long productive history over the years of those with hunger issues.  The process is easy. The Hunger Fund envelopes are “stuffed” in each of the pew’s wooden pockets in each row. The goal was to set up a collection on the second Sunday of each month that would go to our five Hunger Fund Partners. For your convenience here are the 2019 dates when Hunger Fund Collections will take place. Simply take one of the hunger fund envelopes and insert your donation. If you would like it to be added to your pledge total just add a note so that your Hunger Fund Donation gets credited.

Second Sunday Hunger Fund Dates

January 13 – Trinity Hunger Fund Sunday
February 10 – Trinity Hunger Fund Sunday
Dedicated to Arm in Arm’s Valentine’s Food Drive.
March 10 – Trinity Hunger Fund Sunday
April 14 – Trinity Hunger Fund Sunday
May 13 – Trinity Hunger Fund Sunday
June 8 – Trinity Hunger Fund Sunday
July 14 – Trinity Hunger Fund Sunday
August 11 – Trinity Hunger Fund Sunday
September 8 – Trinity Hunger Fund Sunday
October 13 – Trinity Hunger Fund Sunday
November 10 – Trinity Hunger Fund Sunday
December 8 – Trinity Hunger Fund Sunday
Dedicated to helping fund the Christmas Day dinner at the Trenton Area Soup Kitchen. This is our 4thyear to help out with this dinner that has served as many as 600 people on a Christmas day.

The 2018 Collection Totals for this Year’s Hunger Fund

For 2017 -$16,409 was collected and distributed versus 2018 amazing  total  of $17,823 up 8.6%. Thanks goes out to those loyal Hunger contributors. Trinity Outreach does not take out any expense money meaning 100% gets split with our partners, It should be noted that over the past 5 years the One Table Café dinner to the Trinity Hunger Fund donation (net of expenses) gave the Hunger Fund Partners $16,300 in addition to the Second Sunday Trinity Hunger Fund Collection Totals. All of this is because of your generosity. 

There several other ways the Trinity Hunger Fund is able to help out the hungry not only in Mercer County but in the USA and through the Episcopal Relief and Development and Bread for the World organization we are able to help with Hunger on an international basis.

You have all seen the Little Red Wagon stationed close to the Mercer Street Door to the Church. We ask each of you to bring in bags of food to be used at the Arm in Arm three Food Pantries.  On Monday morning the Arm in Arm food van comes to pick up your food and takes it to their 3 food pantries.  Just a few weeks ago word went out that the level of available food  in these food pantries hit a seasonal low. Trinity parishioners filled the Little Red Wagon time and time again helping give Arm in Arm close to 1000 pounds of Fresh Food. Again we thank you.

The final leg of the Trinity Hunger Program centers on the Thanksgiving Day Trinity Turkey Trot. Each runner and walker is encouraged to drop off canned goods before they begin their 5K walk or run. The Arm in Arm Van is parked in the circle with its doors open and usually that van is filled up once again for the food pantries.

The annual donation to Mercer Street Friends which supplies all 71 Food Pantries in Mercer County also provides Send Hunger Packing  weekend meals for all of Mercer County including over 400 families from Princeton that are included in that program.

So Thank You for being so aware of the need to support the Trinity Hunger Fund. We are a blessed parish as we assure our neighbors that we will never let them go hungry.