Worship at Trenton Psychiatric

On Thursday, July 25, Mtr. Kara and our seminarian Micah Cronin will lead worship at Trenton Psychiatric Hospital at 7 PM. We strongly encourage anyone interested in worshipping with, and bringing the love of Christ to, people struggling with severe mental illness to join us. Contact Kara at sladek@trinityprinceton.org or Micah at micah.cronin@ptsem.edu for details.

Contact Mtr. Kara for Emergencies until August 15

For the next few weeks in this time of transition and vacations, until around August 15, Mtr. Kara is the best emergency contact for clergy. Her cell phone is 919-698-7193, her email is sladek@trinityprinceton.org, and she is generally in the office Monday through Thursday in the mornings and early afternoons.

Vacation Bible School Recap

The Kingdom of God is among you.
— Luke 17.21 

Summer is a time of growth. The grass grows faster than we can mow it. Garden vegetables and flowers grow and provide beauty and sustenance. Children grow taller and stronger playing in the sun, running and swimming. Summer also falls during the liturgical season of Ordinary Time between Pentecost and Advent and as such, is intended to be a season of spiritual growth. During last week’s Pilgrimage Vacation Bible School, our parish children experienced some amazing spiritual growth. 

Written by Phyllis Vos Wezeman, Anna L. Liechty, and Judith Harris Chase, Pilgrimage: Seeking the Kingdom of God is a Vacation Bible School designed to teach children how to seek spiritual direction in today’s world. We learned by participating in a re-creation of Medieval Pilgrimage. We imagined that we were Pilgrims traveling to distant lands, such as Italy, England, and Spain. We learned music and created art while exploring the lives of Biblical and Medieval Saints who lived out the teachings of Jesus. Scripture lessons are woven through the experience in the form of stories and memory verses. 

If you are at Trinity this week, make sure to take a look at the Children’s Bulletin Board, across from the Parish Hall, to see a sampling of the crafts we made over the course of the week. There are Roman Mosaics, Stained Glass windows, and more.  

What a wonderful week of incredible growth for all of our participants! We are already looking forward to next year’s VBS!


Thank You from Br. Chris

Thank you for a wonderful good bye celebration on Sunday! It was such a powerful way to close this chapter of my ministry. I enjoyed seeing so many of you on Sunday. I’m similarly grateful for all of the kind gifts, notes, emails, and phone calls that have poured in.

Thank you for your generosity and love as I prepare for my next call. I pray God will continue to shower many blessings upon you all, as we seek to build communities of kinship- such that God might recognize them!


Br. Chris Named an ECF Fellow

ECF has a long-standing commitment to raising up learned leaders for the Episcopal Church. Since 1964, ECF has awarded 214 Fellowships to individuals pursuing advanced academic studies and special ministries with the aim of educating and equipping future clergy and lay leaders.

The Fellowship Partners Program has evolved over the decades to adapt to the changing needs of the Church, society, and the world, yet its purpose of encouraging talented leaders remained the same. ECF Fellows are involved in all aspects of the Church’s life.

ECF has named four individuals named to the 2019 Fellows class — Tucker Adkins, Francisco Garcia, Callie Swanlund, and our own Br. Christopher McNabb. These innovative and emerging leaders are pairing their expertise with their passion to make a positive impact on the Episcopal Church and beyond.

Br. Chris was awarded a grant to continue his work with immigrant communities and first responders.