The Word of the Lord

At the celebration of each Eucharist, we take time to listen to the reading of Scripture and to a homilist elaborate its meaning for our place and time. The Old and New Testaments of the Bible tell the story of God's relationship with his people Israel and with the Church, which is a gathering of people from all nations to join Israel in devotion to God. The Bible was written and edited by many people from many places and times, and we believe that God used those people, in their own cultures and circumstances, to communicate his message of love and his promise of salvation to all people.

The climax of God's message to us is the Gospel, or good news, about Jesus: that Jesus lived a life of obedient love, gave up his life for his friends and his enemies, and now lives again to reconcile us to God and one another. Each week we listen to passages from the Bible that recount our story and remind us of God's promises, God's love, and God's intentions for us. The sermons which follow after the Scripture readings are one of the ways we believe God communicates with us today, using what he said long ago in the Bible to speak the good news here and now.

You can stream or download Trinity Church's previous sermons by accessing our sermon archive here.