Worship & Sacraments


We believe in One God:
Father, Son, & Holy Spirit

Trinity Church is a community of people who believe the good news of God, that God is revealed in Jesus Christ. Worship is at the center of our common life. Our worship is a weekly celebration of and thanksgiving for God's love for us, and our attempt to practice the love that Jesus showed us.

Our worship follows the Book of Common Prayer of the Episcopal Church. We sing hymns, pray, listen to the reading of Scripture and a sermon.  We come to the the table to partake in the bread and wine, a foretaste of the heavenly banquet, a communion meal with God and one another. Each Sunday we say,

At this table there are no outcasts, strangers, nor unwanted guests.  All we welcome to feast at the table of our Lord Jesus Christ, so come and be fed.

Service Times





The Word of the Lord

Each week we listen to passages from the Bible that recount our story and remind us of God's promises, God's love, and God's intentions for us. We learn how God's story is intimately connected with our story, and how God's word relates to us today and the reality of our lives and issues of the world.

You can stream or download Trinity Church's previous sermons by accessing our sermon archive here.





Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual Songs

Trinity has a vibrant music program, comprised of children's and adult choirs, and an amateur string ensemble called Trinity Strings. The choirs at Trinity are open to people of all ages and levels of experience who are able to match pitch and meet the majority of rehearsal and service requirements of the program. Previous singing experience is not necessary. All are welcome. Come give it a try, and enjoy great music and fellowship. Our choirs are led by our   Director of Music, Tom Whittemore, Organ Scholar, Connor Fluharty and our Director of the ABC Choir, Annie Bryson.

Trinity's Choir Calendar may be accessed here.


Weddings, Baptisms, & Funerals



Trinity celebrates the love and covenant of the life long commitment celebrated the sacrament of marriage. We believe marriage symbolizes the love that Jesus showed for us and for the family of God into which Jesus invites us. Trinity welcomes to the sacrament of marriage traditional, heterosexual couples, as well as same-sex couples. For more information about being married at Trinity, please see our Contact page.

Baptisms & Confirmation

In baptism, we accept the gift of God's immeasurable love, claim our name as a "beloved" child of God, and take our place as member of the Body of Christ, the family of God. Trinity baptizes infants and adults and welcomes all who wish to explore and experience this sacramental rite. When they grow to be old enough to take ownership of their own Christian faith, those baptized as young children take part in what is called confirmation. If you are interested in baptism or confirmation,  please see our Contact page.


The funeral liturgy finds all of its meaning in the resurrection.  Because Jesus was raised from the dead, we, too, shall be raised.  In this liturgy we gather to grieve and mourn our loss, but also to celebrate and rejoice for the life of our loved one. Most importantly, we come to entrust them to God's arms of mercy and love, and to find our way forward through grief to new life.  For information about pastoral care or funerals, please see our Contact page.