Weekly Clergy Letter 

Exhortations & meditations from our pastors to their flock.


Sunday Service Guide

A weekly guide to Sunday worship at Trinity, who’s doing what & when they’re doing it.


Our day-to-day routines as parish Christians in ordinary time.

Directories have arrived!

If you had your portrait taken, remember to pick up your copy at the reception desk on Sunday from Hannah.


We pray…

For those in need of healing,

Patrick, Connie, Dorothy, Shu, Eudora, Aynslie, Joan Valcin, Marta & Terri, Andy Perzi, Charlotte, Charles, Kristin, Bill and Lois Gosch, Hillary, Kay Mack, Eduardo and Justino Cortez, Nina, Wayne Meisel, Connie, Tricia, David, Virginia Reynolds, Lloyd Banks, Carol Weiss, Tom Brown, Caroline Saylor, Bryan, Alyssa, Chris Plaxe, Robin, Peter, Owen, Mary Pickens, Margaret Constantino, Lois Banks, Bill Augustine

For those in the military,

Penny Quinton, Samuel MacGregor, R. Connor Chick, Andrew Dean, Christopher Hearne, Mark O'Neill, Matthew O'Neill, William O'Neill, Michelino Sferra, and William Zuzzio

And for those who have died.


Submission Guidelines

Procedures & best practices for submitting your content to the editor.

  • The ePISTLE is published every Thursday. All content is available on the website by 5pm at trinityprinceton.org/epistle. An email digest will follow as quickly as possible to subscribers.

  • Please send all submissions to epistle@trinityprinceton.org by no later than 5pm on Wednesday. Nothing submitted after this will be included until the following week. Two to three weeks notice in advance of an event is recommended.

  • Please include in the subject line the desired date of publication followed by a short but descriptive name, e.g., “1/3/19 Outreach Breakfast.”

  • Please send all text unformatted in the body of the email. When at all possible, avoid sending PDFs or Microsoft Word documents.

  • Do not send text in ALL CAPITALS. All text should use normal capitalization conventions.

  • The preferred format for dates and times is Sunday, March 7 at 6pm or 8:30am; with the day and month spelled out, the numerals without ordinal indicators like 9th, and no spaces or periods between numerals or the letters of the morning and afternoon designators.

  • If advertising an event, please include the following information in the following format:

    Event Title
    Date & Time
    Description (250 word maximum)
    Event Coordinator’s Name & Preferred Contact Information

  • If any illustrations or photographs are included, please ensure that they are in JPEG, GIF, or PNG formats. Please take care that illustrations or photographs are of sufficiently high-resolution to display well on modern devices. A minimum width of 600px is recommended. Images embedded in PDFs or in Word documents will not be included due to the onerousness of extracting them. Alternative illustrations or photographs may be supplied at our discretion.